About X-15

X-15 is building solutions to unlock the true value of the digital thread. We believe this starts with closing-the-loop between the physical and virtual worlds of a companys products, while simultaneously accelerating the speed and reliability of sharing this heterogeneous data. It’s our mission to help both product manufacturers and operators drive out real time state and status information of their product portfolios within the context of the approved models and reference data.

To accomplish this, we are creating Aries – the world’s first as-a-service Configuration Compliance engine, delivered entirely through an API. Aries standardizes heterogeneous, disparate expressions of BOMs, maintenance policies, and configuration rules/directives using X-15’s human/machine readable CSL (Configuration Specification Language).

The X-15 Team

Andy Carson

Founder & CEO

Andy watched a 1962 documentary about NASA’s X-15 rocket plane when he was 4 years old, and his career started then. He learned to program in ALGOL from a library book at age 11, and then carried on to graduate with a degree in Computer Science from Queen’s University Belfast. He has written millions of lines of code, and still writes code every day.

His interest in CM (Configuration Management) began when working for the US Air Force, when someone dropped MIL-STD-1388-2B on his desk. Realizing the limitations of existing CM solutions, and always up for a challenge, Andy decided to develop a new approach to configuration management software. 

After exiting his first company (Raptor ASA Corp) to IBM, Andy spent many years consulting with organizations in Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, and other highly regulated industries, continuing to help integrate engineering, manufacturing, and service life cycle management for advanced asset classes.

Steve Grosz

Founder & VP Engineering

For 20 years, Steve has helped organizations create value by improving how they operate, manage, and care for billion-dollar, distributed, complex asset portfolios. He has deep experience in both the public and private sector — from hydropower generation to Aerospace & Defense, and nearly everything in between.

When not talking about closing-the-loop along the digital thread (with anyone who will listen), Steve focuses on driving process/product improvement for X-15 and its customers.